I write professional hand crafted indexes for print documents, digital documents and web sites.

I provide indexes in the format of your choice, be it: rtf, pdf, Word, inDesign, html, XML, plain text, epub, SKY, Cindex, Macrex or any ebook format.

I write indexes in the style of your choice, be it: Chicago, CUP, house style, run-in, hanging, word-by-word, letter-by-letter or any custom style you wish.

If you do not yet have a house style, I will be happy to work with you to create a style sheet which will be yours to keep and use for any future project.

If you have not yet converted your print documents to digital, I can  convert your documents into digital format, including any ebook format, with or without an index.

I can provide you with a digital document with the same index as your print document or with an embedded or stand alone index.

If you have any complex collection of badly organized data (journals, databases, product inventory, catalogues, templates, files) I can work with you to generate a taxonomy which your employees can use to manage your data.

Feel free to contact me for a quotation or to answer any other question.