I provide Indexing and Taxonomy services from my home on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

My rates are based upon a nominal “publisher’s page” of 250 words (harkening back to typewriten, double spaced pages in 12 point courier font).

I charge only for “indexable pages”, that is pages which I have to read, looking for indexable material. In the normal course I do not charge for front matter, prefaces, introductions or appendixes. If you wish anything in those pages indexed, they will, of course, be counted as indexable pages.

I do not charge for pages which contain only illustrations unless something other than the illustration itself is to be indexed. For example, if the text refers to a Dodo bird and there is a page with nothing other than an illustration of said bird, I do not charge for adding an entry which simply identifies the page on which the illustration appears. If, on the other hand the illustration contains call outs which are to be indexed (such as the various parts of a jet engine in an illustration of an exploded diagram of said engine) I do charge that as an indexable page.

My rates range from $US 2.50 to $US 10.00 per page depending upon the complexity of the document. Simply said, a document which calls for 20 entries per page with complete double entry and multiple see references will cost more than a straightforward document with three entries per page.

In order to provide a quote to a new client or to an existing client with a new (to me) type of book, I will need a representative chapter from the middle of the book for review. Because digital indexing often required up to twice as much time as print indexing, fees for digital indexing are normally higher than fees for similar print books.

If you have a set rate for the work you want done, I will be happy to review your material and advise whether I am prepared to write an index at that rate.

My preference in indexing is to index books which I would be happy to read even were I not indexing.

Legal indexing is, of course, my preferred area of expertise. I will happily consider trade books in any area if they pique my interest.